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Planning, monitoring and controlling

  • Elaboration of initial document “Scope of the contract”, which includes:

 List of the contractual documents and their order of priority.
 Schedule and resources promised in the tender.
 Identification, classification and assessment of risks.
 Form and communication models
 Detailed list of all the applicable regulations.
 Definition of time, cost and quality base-lines.
 Legal milestones matrix.

  • Assistance to the project with specialized staff, such as a Contract Manager.

  • Elaboration of the planning, establishing the necessary contractual breakdown. Establishment of milestones and obligatory resources.

  • Monitoring, controlling and assessment of contractual base-lines. Efficiency analysis.

  • Monitoring, controlling and assessment of the remaining risks as well as defining the new ones.

  • Management of relevant contractual communications.

  • Legal assistance and legal representation. Coordination with local law firms.

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