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Objectives - Carena Construction Management

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The main aim of Carena Construction Management is to contribute effectively to achieve the best possible performance in the management of construction contracts. The current complexity of these contracts makes it essential to continue the deep analysis of the rights and obligations set forth therein.

The success of a construction project depends, to a large extent, on the effectiveness of the proposed clauses in the contract to resolve disputes that arise during the development of the contract (or project?). But to make these clauses productive, active and effective management is necessary. On many occasions, provisions are made for deadlines, communication and incident management. When these deadlines are not fulfilled, this usually results in the loss of the established rights.

For the basic objective of securing the best possible performance of the contract, Carena Construction Management integrates the following actions:

  • Identifying, classifying, assessing and controlling the risks of the contract.

  • Monitoring and drafting the contractual comunications.

  • Identifying, documenting and quantifying:

- any variation on the scope of the contract.
- stoppages, delays and/ or accelerations in fulfilment of the contract..

  • Providing the legal information to defend the rights established in the contract, facilitating the resolution of disputes.

  • Providing the necessary information and experience to facilitate the adoption of corrective and preventative measures and decisions concerning changes in the scope of the contract.

  • Effective coordination of the three phases of the life of the contract (pre, execution and closure) in what is contractually relevant.

  • Coordinating the relationship with local law firms.

  • Providing staff, both legally and technically, to be integrated into work teams.

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