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When do we become involved? - Carena Construction Management

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When do we become involved?

On a time scale, Carena Construction Management offers its participation over the life time of the contract:

  • Qualifying: collaborating in the bidding, drafting and negotiating of contract terms at the level desired by our customers.

  • Implementation Phase: providing resources and legal tools and techniques for analysis, monitoring, control, documentation, quantification and contractual communication that affect the scope of the contract and any issues arising in its development. Ensuring the defence of the rights established in the contract in the most efficient and effective manner. Establishing and maintaining a base of documentation with the legal and technical content necessary to meet all possible claims.

  • Closing: identifying and quantifying the incidents that occur in the course of the project. Establishing a legal strategy of settlement support and collaborating in the search for a negotiated solution. Assisting and representing, if necessary, in court proceedings, arbitration, mediation or any other processes required for dispute resolution.

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